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ScanDBX is designed to fix problems with Outlook Express installation and mail files. It has three distinct types of repair, each requiring different levels of input from the user:

  1. Mail Store File Scan: This step will check the data integrity of your mail store files, looking for problems in them. This can be time consuming, but is a completely automated process. If problems are discovered in your mail store files, ScanDBX will make a backup of your files and then repair them.
  2. Account Connection Test: This step will test your connection to the internet and the server settings for each mail server which you use. It will then report any problems and ask you for corrections. If a problem is detected, ScanDBX will prompt you to re-enter your correct server settings, your username, and password. If you need help with these settings, please contact your ISP.
  3. Troubleshooting Wizard: This step will go through a series of questions which will help ScanDBX to determine what problem you are encountering. Once ScanDBX has determined your problem, it will either automatically repair it for you or direct you to a download from Microsoft’s website.

In addition to the three types of repair described above, ScanDBX offers a fully-integrated backup system which allows the user to save and restore their entire Outlook Express installation, or portions thereof, to their hard disk. ScanDBX automatically backs up any changes it makes, or the user can choose to back up or restore their entire installation as a separate option.