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The Startup Dialog

After you register, ScanDBX will open a selection screen. This dialog is also the first dialog you should see if you start up anytime after you register the product. This screen will offer you four options:

  1. Scan All (recommended)- An exhaustive scan. This will run all parts of ScanDBX until your problem is solved. This is strongly recommended for all users. Clicking "Scan All" will automatically run the ScanDBX File Scanner, the ScanDBX Attachment Tester, the ScanDBX Account Tester, and the ScanDBX Outlook Express Troubleshooting Wizard, repairing all known issues.
  2. Error Message Lookup – Allows you to look up an error message that Outlook Express is displaying. For more information on looking up and repairing error messages, please see “The Error Message Lookup Tool”.
  3. Backup - Allows you to backup or restore your entire Outlook Express installation, or to set the backup options for ScanDBX's automatic backups. By default, ScanDBX automatically backs up your Outlook Express installation as it fixes problems. For more information on the Backup system, please see "Backup".
  4. Tools – Allows you to select a specific component of ScanDBX. This is only recommended for advanced users. For more information on the Tools page, please see “Tools Dialog”.
  5. Cancel - Exits ScanDBX. will start up with a selection screen. This screen will offer you four options:

In addition to the main buttons, there are three menu options: "File", "Options", and "Help". For more information on the menu options, please see "Menus".