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How Does it Work?

ScanDBX will begin by opening your standard mail files (for example, "Deleted Items", "Sent Items", etc.) using Outlook Express to locate critical errors. Once it has determined whether or not any critical errors exist, it will scan through your mail store files looking for errors in the stored data using our proprietary algorithms. It will then search the files for any emails (or news messages) which have been lost due to damage. This can be an extremely time consuming task if you have large mail store files.

The results of the scan of a given file will cause ScanDBX to do one of three things:

  1. Continue on to the next file because no errors have been detected in the current file, or
  2. Perform “maintenance” on the file by reclaiming unused space in it (thus reducing the space it occupies on your hard disk) and then continue on to the next file
  3. Repair damage within the file and then continue on to the next file

Any email messages which ScanDBX can recover from your email files will be saved in a directory called “Recovered Email” on your desktop. The recovered emails can be dragged and dropped back into Outlook Express into whatever folder you choose.

When ScanDBX has completed its work, it will let you know whether repairs or routine maintenance were performed.