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The Start Button

Clicking on "Start" will start a scan of your mail store files. You'll notice that the button becomes a "Stop" button when you click it., allowing you to stop the file scan (see the Stop button help for more information). While scanning your files, ScanDBX will not need any input from you. Feel free to walk away from your computer for a while, as large files can take a lot of time to scan.

While the ScanDBX Mail Store File Scanner is scanning your files for damage, the action bar, progress bars, and log will continually keep you updated on what actions are being performed. After completion, this information will remain in the log window so you can see what actions ScanDBX has taken.

When it has completed, the ScanDBX Mail Store File Scanner will inform you of one of three things:

  1. Your files are fine and no changes were made to them, or
  2. Routine maintenance has been performed to reclaim unused space in your files, or
  3. Damage to your files has been repaired.

If either of the last two options occurred, then ScanDBX will have backed up your Mail Store files. Those files can be located or restored to your Mail Store directory by using the options in the "Backup Options" from the "File" menu, or from the ScanDBX Startup Dialog.