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Correcting Your Mail Account Settings

If you double-click on an email account in the Account List Dialog, or select an email account and click “Fix Selected Account”, ScanDBX will open the Account Confirmation Dialog. This dialog allows you to see the details for any email account.

The account statuses for both receiving and sending email are listed on this dialog, and are color-coded so that you can easily see what problems were found when ScanDBX scanned the email account:

  1. If ScanDBX found no problems, the account status is green.
  2. If ScanDBX did not scan the account, the account status is black.
  3. If ScanDBX found problems during the scan, the account status is red.

Beneath the account status, you may see another line which reads “Fix this problem automatically!” ScanDBX automatically scans the account settings to see if they match anything in its internal database of common account setting problems. If it detects a match, it will allow you to attempt to automatically correct these settings.

You can attempt to have ScanDBX automatically correct your account settings by clicking either the “Autofix Incoming Email Settings” or the “Autofix Outgoing Email Settings” button. These buttons will only be available if the appropriate account settings cannot be verified by ScanDBX – in short, if ScanDBX can connect to your email server using your account settings, it will not allow you to “autofix” the account, because it’s not broken.

If you click either the “Update Incoming Email Settings” or “Update Outgoing Email Settings” button, ScanDBX will allow you to make changes to your email account settings and test them with your servers. After you make changes, you will need to click the “Save” button to save the changes for Outlook Express. Clicking the “Cancel” button will discard any changes you have made.