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Understanding the Troubleshooting Wizard Dialog

There are five primary areas of the Wizard’s question dialog:

The Navigation Buttons

The navigation buttons allow you to move back and forth through the wizard dialogs, or to exit the Wizard and return to the main menu.

The Title

The title offers an overview of the question that the dialog is attempting to answer.

The Question

The center of the dialog contains the question that the wizard asks you to answer. Above the question is a screenshot which may help you to determine the correct answer to the question.

The Answers

The answers you can choose from are below the question. You can only select one of the answers. You must select an answer before you will be able to click the “Next” button.

The Details Button

Some questions may have additional information available that will help you make a decision. If they do, you can click on the “Details” button to open a web page containing instructions, additional information, and the like.