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Logging Options

This option allows you to change your logging preferences. This can be safely ignored by the majority of users. However, should you want or need to change your logging preferences, the following options may be selected:

  1. Application Log / File Log these selectors choose the level of logging which is desired.
    1. Defaults:
    1. Selections
  2. Log File Name Allows you to change the location of the log file which ScanDBX uses to keep a record of its work. The button will allow you to browse to locate a file location.
  3. View Brings up the log file in Notepad
  4. Print Uses Notepad to print the log file
  5. Delete Deletes the log file, erasing all existing information logged by ScanDBX. This option is not recommended unless the log file is very large because it will eliminate any existing information about running ScanDBX on your computer.
  6. Log Size The size of the Log File (in bytes) saved on the disk