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Send Feedback

We sincerely hope that you will never encounter a bug in our software. However, if you do, the “Send Feedback” automated tool will allow you to report your bug to us. It can also be used to send us suggestions for improving our software. All information you send to ScanDBX Corporation by this mechanism will be both compressed and encrypted.

The following are the options you may select in sending feedback to ScanDBX Corporation:

  1. “Type of Feedback” dropdown – Please select the best category of feedback. If none of them fit, then select “Other” and be sure to give us a good description to work with.
  2. “Information” – Fill in this field with your feedback, whether it is a bug report or praise for helping you save your email.
  3. Name – Your name. This will get the name you filled in on the Registration dialog by default.
  4. Email Address – Your email address. This will get the email address you filled in on the Registration dialog by default We will use this email address only to send your information about your feedback. We will not use it in any other way, especially to send you spam. We would never distribute our customers’ email addresses to other companies.
  5. “Send” button – Sends us your feedback. The status and progress bars will keep you up to date on what is going on.
  6. “Cancel” button – Cancels sending a bug report. If you click this button while the bug report is being sent, the bug report will stop sending at its earliest convenience.
  7. Progress bar - Do not be alarmed if the progress bar gets "stuck" for a little while. It is accurately measuring the progress of each item being sent to us.