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The first time that you start up ScanDBX, you see the Registration Wizard, above. This dialog will allow you to select one of the following options:

  1. Enter Serial Number – Enter the serial number that you receive from ScanDBX Corporation after purchasing ScanDBX. This button will take you into the next screen in the Registration Wizard.
  2. Start in Demo Mode – Start ScanDBX in Demo Mode, so that you can see what ScanDBX will do for you.
  3. Buy ScanDBX Now! – Opens your web browser to the purchase page for ScanDBX ( This page will allow you to purchase ScanDBX.
  4. Cancel – Exits ScanDBX.

To use ScanDBX, you will need to register the product with a valid serial number provided to you by ScanDBX Corporation. NOTE: Without a valid serial number, ScanDBX will only run in demo mode. For more information on demo mode, please see the ”Demo Mode” help documentation.

At any point in the Registration Wizard, you can click “Back” to return to the previous screen, or “Cancel” to exit ScanDBX.

When you click on “Enter Serial Number”, ScanDBX will prompt you to enter the serial number you received when you purchased the product:

The best way to enter your serial number is to copy and paste it from the web page after you have purchased ScanDBX. ScanDBX will automatically test the serial number to make sure that you have not accidentally made an error in typing it in:

Once you have entered a valid serial number for ScanDBX, you can click the “Next” button to proceed to the Customer Information portion of the wizard:

  1. Name – Your full name (first and last).
  2. Company – If this is a work computer, this should contain your company’s name.
  3. Email Address – Your home or work email address.
  4. Phone Number – Your home or work phone number.
  5. Address – Your home or work address.
  6. City – The city you live or work in.
  7. State – The state or province you live or work in.
  8. Zip Code – the Zip or Postal code you live or work in.
  9. Country – The country you live or work in.

When you have entered the above information, click “Finish” to submit your serial number to the ScanDBX servers:

The “Contacting Registration Servers” progress bar (above) will display to let you know that ScanDBX is attempting to contact the registration servers.


If ScanDBX successfully verifies your registration information with the ScanDBX servers, you will be prompted to start ScanDBX.


If ScanDBX is unable to verify your registration information with the ScanDBX servers, it will display the reason why it was unable to activate the software, and allow you to start ScanDBX in Demo Mode.

There are several reasons why ScanDBX may not be able to verify your registration information. Several of them, and their solutions, are outlined below:

  1. You did not enter a valid serial number. You will need to purchase a valid serial number from ScanDBX Corporation.
  2. Your serial number has already been used to activate the maximum number of machines. Each ScanDBX serial number can be used on two machines. If you wish to activate ScanDBX on any more machines, you will need to purchase a new serial number from ScanDBX at
  3. ScanDBX was unable to connect to the internet. ScanDBX needs to use the internet to communicate with its licensing servers. If you are not connected to the internet, you will need to connect to the internet and try again. ScanDBX will need to be connected to the internet anyway to test your email account settings.

Firewalls and Internet Security

If you are connected to the internet but ScanDBX tells you that it needs to be connected to the internet anyway, or if it takes a very long time for ScanDBX to connect to the ScanDBX servers, you may have a problem with personal firewalls. Some firewall software (such as Norton Internet Security, System Suite, or others) may prevent ScanDBX from communicating with the internet. You will need to configure your firewall to allow ScanDBX to communicate through it, or disable the firewall.

Often, problems with sending or receiving email with Outlook Express are caused by these same firewalls. Disabling the firewall can resolve the Outlook Express problem you were having in the first place.

NOTE: Disabling a firewall or other internet security software can expose your system to malware or dangerous viruses! You should always take precautions to protect your system against malware, adware, or viruses. Contact your firewall or security software manufacturer to learn how to configure it to allow ScanDBX or Outlook Express to communicate through it correctly.