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Demo Mode

If you start ScanDBX without a valid serial number, you will only be able to run the product in Demo Mode. Demo mode can be activated by clicking the “Start in Demo Mode” button on the first page of the registration wizard (above), which is the first dialog you will see when you run ScanDBX after installation.

In Demo mode, ScanDBX will allow you to scan your Outlook Express mail store files for problems and duplicate messages, and will scan your Outlook Express email accounts for connection problems. Demo mode will also allow you to use the Troubleshooting Wizard to start diagnosing your computer’s problem. However, you will not be able to actually fix or recover damaged emails, change damaged account settings, or fix any problems with the Troubleshooting Wizard until you purchase the full version of ScanDBX.

In This Chapter

The File Scanner and Duplicate Email Remover

The Email Account Tester

The Error Message Lookup Tool

The Troubleshooting Wizard