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Viewing your Email and News Accounts

Once ScanDBX has checked your email and news account settings with your email or news servers, it will show you a complete list of all your accounts and what it found during the scan. From this dialog, you can correct the account settings for any of your email or news accounts.

Each user-defined account connection in Outlook Express will be listed here. This allows you to see an overview of the status of each account.

The images at the head of each row have these meanings:

A green checkmark means that ScanDBX found no problems with an account.

A yellow triangle with exclamation mark indicates that an account was not scanned. See the “Error Message” column for more information.

A red circle with an ‘X’ indicates that an error occurred while scanning an email account. See the “Error Message” column for more information.

There are four columns in the Account List Dialog:

  1. Account Name – the name of the account in Outlook Express.
  2. Type – whether the account connection is for sending email (“Sending”), receiving email (“Receiving”), or reading newsgroups (“News”).
  3. Status – what ScanDBX found when it scanned the account. This column can be one of “OK” (indicating no problem was found), “Not Scanned” (indicating that the account was not scanned by ScanDBX for some reason), or “Error”, indicating that ScanDBX scanned the account settings but was unable to completely verify them with the server.
  4. Error Message – an explanation of exactly what happened when ScanDBX tried to verify the account settings with the server.

Some accounts may not be scanned by ScanDBX, for various reasons. By default, ScanDBX does not scan email or news accounts that Outlook Express has been instructed not to check when sending or receiving mail or synchronizing to the server. For more information on these accounts, see “Accounts that are not scanned”, below.

If ScanDBX detects an error in the settings for an email or news account, the “Status” column will report “Error”, and the “Error Message” column will offer some details on what exactly ScanDBX found. You can double-click the row including the account name, or select the account and click “Fix Selected Account” to correct the account settings.