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Selecting How to Look Up Errors

The first thing you need to do when looking up your error message is select how you want to find it. There are four ways to look up your error message:

  1. Find my error message by error number. This allows you to use the error number (for example, “0x800CC00” or “0x800CCE0”) to narrow down the number of error messages to look through.
  2. Find my error message by keyword. This allows you to narrow down the error messages you need to look through by only looking at error messages with certain words in them, such as “MSIMN.EXE”, “MSOE.DLL”, or “kernel32.dll”.
  3. Find my error message by the time it appears. This allows you to only look at error messages related to what you’re trying to do when Outlook Express displays its error, such as “Sending Email”, “Startup”, etc.
  4. Search through a list of all known error messages. This will display all known error messages. This can be a lot of messages to look through, so selecting one of the other options might be faster.

After you select the method you wish to use to find your error message, click “Start” to move on to the next screen.