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If you have not yet registered ScanDBX, this option will open the Registration Wizard. You can find information about the Registration Wizard under “Getting Started”.

This dialog brings up the license registration dialog. This allows you to change to your licensing information. During this Beta, ScanDBX installs with a beta license, so you should never have to use this dialog.

  1. Name - Your name.
  2. Company - If this is a work computer, this should contain your company's name
  3. Email Address - Your home or work email address
  4. Phone Number - Your home or work phone number
  5. Address - Your home or work address
  6. City - The city you live or work in
  7. State - The state or province you live or work in
  8. Country - The country you live or work in
  9. Zip Code - the Zip or Postal code you live or work in
  10. Serial Number - This is the serial number sent to you by ScanDBX Corporation. If you do not have one, please go to:
  11. Computer ID - the Computer ID used by ScanDBX for activation of your Serial Number. This field is for your reference only
  12. Activation Code - When you activate ScanDBX, this field is filled in automatically. This field is for your reference only.

For more information on using the Registration dialog, see the “Registration” section under “Getting Started”.