ScanDBX Customer Testimonials
"ScanDBX is a good repair tool."
- Peter K., PC Technician and System Administrator
"Before ScanDBX I experienced slow and unstable performance from Outlook Express, including loss of emails and folders from time-to-time. Since ScanDBX, the speed of Outlook Express has greatly increased and its instabilities have greatly decreased. As well, since ScanDBX I have not lost any emails or folders in Outlook Express. Thanks for a wonderful and much-needed software product!"
- Raphael G.
"Some months ago my Outlook Express was acting up. It would just close for no reason or would freeze for no reason. I started looking around for a solution for this problem, when I ran across your ScanDBX website. I noticed that it was a Beta version, but what your product claimed it would do, I knew it was worth a try since nothing thus far had worked. After downloading and installing the ScanDBX software, I haven't had any problems since. My Outlook Express stays open and unfrozen. Thank you ScanDBX for solving my problem."
- Patrick S.
"Before I had downloaded the latest release, ScanDBX repaired my email store. I had a small problem with viewing my emails in Outlook Express. ScanDBX repaired my email store flawlessly. It saved my bacon. Thanks for a great product that does what it says it can do and does it well."
- Robert D.
"This is an excellent example of what most applications should look like! ScanDBX has a user interface which is simple, straight-forward, but still has advanced features for the more technically savvy and makes scanning a quick process for maintenance or repair. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone, not just those who are experiencing current problems."
- Al W.

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