ScanDBX User Guide
 License Agreement
 Copyright Notice
 System Requirements
 Private Information
 Demo Mode
 Getting Started
 Mail Store File Scanning
 The Email Attachment Tester
 The Email Account Tester
 The Error Message Lookup Tool
 The Troubleshooting Wizard
 Tools Dialog
 Advanced Tools
 The Backup Dialog
 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Error Messages
    Mail Store File Scanner Error Messages
    Questions About ScanDBX
       Why did ScanDBX remove emails from my Inbox?
       Why can't Google Desktop's Outlook Express Indexing be Enabled While Using ScanDBX?
       How do I Disable Google Desktop's Outlook Express Indexing?
       Why does ScanDBX tell me I have insufficient disk space to run the program?
       Why does ScanDBX tell me that my support period has expired?
       What is the difference between routine maintenance and repair?
       Why don't you just Solve all the Problems that the Troubleshooting Wizard knows about?
       Why is ScanDBX Necessary?
       Outlook Express won't even start. Can ScanDBX fix it?
       What problems does ScanDBX fix?
       How much does it cost?
       What if I want to undo a repair?
       What if I have more than one computer?
    Questions about Outlook Express?
    Where are my Recovered Email Messages?
    Why does ScanDBX only test POP3 and SMTP email servers?