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ScanDBX Corporation's mission is to create software to help users of Microsoft Outlook Express repair and manage their email storage. We are a USA-based software development and marketing company with a heavy focus on the technical engineering of our products.

Our first product, ScanDBX for Outlook Express, checks and repairs corrupted mail storage files used by Outlook Express versions 5 and above. While ScanDBX for Outlook Express is designed to run on all Microsoft platforms from Windows 95 up to Windows Server 2003, we are unable to guarantee its operation on Windows 95, 98, or ME. The program has a very simple interface suitable for even the most novice user. The development of this first product began in 2002 with the first beta testing beginning in May of 2004.

The name ScanDBX comes from the scanning and repair function of the DBX files used in Outlook Express to store email.

We welcome all inquires regarding our company and our products. You may contact us at:

ScanDBX Corporation
1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 425
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 310-300-3599
Fax: 310-550-1152
Email: [email protected]
New version of ScanDBX released!

ScanDBX Corporation is proud to announce the first fully-automatic tool designed to repair damaged or problematic Outlook Express installations. ScanDBX can repair damaged Outlook Express mail files, corrupted folder files, incorrect or corrupted email account information, damaged system registry settings, and...Learn More

The only Outlook Express product that is Microsoft Certified!

ScanDBX is the only product that can fix Outlook Express that is Microsoft Logo Certified for Windows ME, 98, NT, W2K, and XP.

ScanDBX is the only Outlook Express repair tool that carries the Designed for Microsoft Windows logo.

ScanDBX Corporation is the only Microsoft Certified Partner dedicated to supporting Outlook Express.

ScanDBX Corporation is the only company with a product that can fix Outlook Express that is also a Microsoft Certified Partner.  Being a Microsoft Partner is our commitment to produce and support the highest quality products for Outlook Express.

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