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Outlook Express installations can suffer numerous errors that lead to a variety of problems, including:

  • Failure to start
  • Strange error messages and message boxes - See how it works!
  • Inability to send or receive email
  • Missing or duplicate messages
  • Slowed or delayed performance

Some of these errors are relatively simple to ignore. Others can prevent you from using Outlook Express entirely. ScanDBX allows you to automatically detect and repair these problems easily, returning control of your email to you.

"Some months ago my Outlook Express was acting up. It would just close for no reason or would freeze for no reason...nothing thus far had worked. After downloading and installing the ScanDBX software, I haven't had any problems since. My Outlook Express stays open and unfrozen. Thank you ScanDBX for solving my problem."
- Patrick S.

What causes these Outlook Express errors?

On many computers, particularly those using FAT file systems (i.e. Windows 95/98/ME and some installations of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003), the mail store files (and the Outlook Express registry information) can be damaged if Outlook Express fails to shut down properly. This can cause Outlook Express to fail to start. It can also cause emails to disappear from your folders. Hundreds or even thousands of Outlook Express files are corrupted or damaged every day by the Windows operating system.

ScanDBX - Easy to Use
  • Automatic mode scans your system for all known detectable problems
  • Advanced mode allows you to select what errors to scan for
  • Powerful diagnosis wizard helps you identify difficult-to-detect problems
  • Automatically repairs files, registry settings, and account settings
  • Finds files automatically for the current user
  • Automatic backup of Outlook Express before changes are made
  • Checks and repairs all files in mail store
  • User configurable logging to see details of repair operation
  • Very low cost!

How does it work?

ScanDBX scans through your Outlook Express installation looking for errors in your mail store files, email account information, or configuration data. It then searches the files for any emails (or news messages) which would be lost due to damage. Needless to say, this can be a very time consuming task if you have large mail store files.

Once each portion of the scan is complete, ScanDBX will ask you if you want to correct the problems it has discovered. If you choose to correct the problem, ScanDBX will automatically repair email files, allow you to enter (and test) new account information in place of the malfunctioning account information, and correct invalid file attributes. While some emails can never be recovered because they are irreparably damaged, many can be extracted from the damaged files. Those messages which can be saved will be saved in a directory named "Recovered Email" on your desktop. The recovered email files can be dragged and dropped back into Outlook Express.

Before ScanDBX makes any changes, it will back up your Outlook Express installation so that you can undo the fix if you decide you don't like the result. It will then automatically repair the problem it found. When it has completed, ScanDBX will notify you and you can start working with Outlook Express again.

Even if ScanDBX is unable to automatically detect a problem you may be having with your Outlook Express installation, it has the capability to help you diagnose exactly what is wrong and correct it. If your problem persists after the automatic scan is complete, ScanDBX's powerful Troubleshooting Wizard will ask you a series of questions designed to isolate and identify your specific problem. Once the problem is identified, ScanDBX will automatically correct it for you.

Memory Usage and Performance

ScanDBX can be memory intensive when it is used to fix large email files. Although we have put a lot of effort into reducing the memory load, it still can be high. If your computer has a small amount of memory, this will result in slower performance due to the operating system using the hard drive for memory storage. In our tests involving a 2 GB file on a modern computer (AMD 2000+ with 1 GB of RAM), a repair took about 15 minutes and used a maximum of about 450 MB of RAM.

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ScanDBX is the only product that can fix Outlook Express that is Microsoft Logo Certified for Windows ME, 98, NT, W2K, and XP.

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ScanDBX in action

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Why ScanDBX?

The name ScanDBX comes from the file format used by Outlook Express to store emails on your local computer: DBX files. ScanDBX's first and most revolutionary feature was its ability to scan these files and fix problems in them automatically, allowing you to recover your email safely.

But we at ScanDBX corporation know that this is only one type of problem encountered by Outlook Express users, and ScanDBX does much, much more! It fixes problems with corrupted registry settings, damaged mail and folder files, invalid account information, and even bad Windows DLL files. And the powerful ScanDBX Troubleshooting Wizard can even help you identify configuration problems with your Outlook Express installation, allowing you to take full control of your email.

Get your email back.

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