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Download and Install ScanDBX for Outlook Express

Click on one of the links below to download the most recent version of ScanDBX.

Version: 2.20 (8.10 MB)

You can also download the only Microsoft Certified application to fix Outlook Express from

Internet Explorer users: Right-click and select “Save Target as”

Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla users: Right-click & select “Save Link as”


Installing ScanDBX after Downloading

After downloading, please run the InstallScanDBX.EXE program to install ScanDBX. You can then run ScanDBX from the desktop by clicking on the 'Outlook Express Repair - ScanDBX' icon.

Activating ScanDBX

To run the full version of ScanDBX, you will need a valid serial number for activation. ScanDBX will prompt you to enter your serial number the first time that you run the program.

You can purchase a ScanDBX serial number here.

Click here to purchase a serial number to activate ScanDBX so that you can repair your Outlook Express email.

Or, you can simply run ScanDBX in demo mode to see exactly what ScanDBX can do for you! To run in demo mode, simply click the "Run in Demo Mode" button on the registration dialog after installing ScanDBX.

If you have already purchased a ScanDBX serial number and you are upgrading to the most recent version of ScanDBX, you can simply re-install ScanDBX on the same machine (do not uninstall the previous version) and ScanDBX will use your old activation information.

Windows 95, 98, and ME

We do not provide technical support or product refunds to customers using ScanDBX for Windows 95, 98, or ME. Due to the fragile and problematic nature of these operating systems, use of ScanDBX on these operating systems is at your own risk. While we have tested ScanDBX on these operating systems and it usually works well, we are not able to provide technical support or product refunds to customers using ScanDBX on those operating systems.

Uninstalling ScanDBX

If you want to uninstall ScanDBX, go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs then select 'Outlook Express Repair - ScanDBX' for removal.

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