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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about ScanDBX

What is ScanDBX?

ScanDBX is a fully automatic tool designed to repair damaged Outlook Express files and installations in place, without requiring you to understand where or how Outlook Express stores its data. ScanDBX Corporation knows that you probably don't have the time to do the entire repair yourself - you just need the data restored, and quickly. ScanDBX is designed to do exactly that.

ScanDBX is a stand-alone application that you can download and run on the same computer that you run Outlook Express on. It will automatically detect your Outlook Express installation and scan for problems.

What does "Designed for Windows XP" mean?

The "Designed for Windows XP" logo assures users that the application has full functionality and runs smoothly on Microsoft® Windows® XP, and that it has been designed to work well with new Windows XP features.

Why is ScanDBX Necessary?

Outlook Express installations can suffer a variety of problems, including:

  • Failure to start
  • Strange error messages and message boxes
  • Inability to send or receive email
  • Missing or duplicate messages
  • Slowed or delayed performance

Some of these problems are relatively simple to ignore. Others can prevent you from using Outlook Express entirely. ScanDBX allows you to automatically detect and fix these problems easily, returning control of your email to you.

Outlook Express won't even start. Can ScanDBX fix it?

ScanDBX can fix nearly every problem known with Outlook Express. The short answer is, probably. For a list of problems that ScanDBX can and cannot fix, see "What problems does it fix?" below.

What problems does it fix?

ScanDBX fixes nearly every known problem that Outlook Express experiences. The following is a list of the most common problems that ScanDBX can resolve:

  • Outlook Express crashes the computer when you start it.
  • Outlook Express will not start.
  • Outlook Express displays a strange message box when you start it.
  • Outlook Express starts, but the information on the startup page is incorrect.
  • Outlook Express loses emails or news messages.
  • Outlook Express won't download emails, or downloads the same email multiple times.
  • Outlook Express won't let you open emails, or won't let you send emails.
  • Outlook Express has strange or missing toolbars.
  • Outlook Express slows down when starting up, when sending email, or all the time.
  • Options are missing from Outlook Express menus.
  • Outlook Express won't save messages to the "Deleted Items" or "Sent Items" folders.
  • Outlook Express won't store your password.
  • Outlook Express won't connect to your email server.
  • And many more!
How much does it cost?

You can find out how to buy ScanDBX here.

What if I want to undo a repair?

ScanDBX includes a full backup and restore utility that lets you back up and restore your Outlook Express installation in moments with a single click. For more information, see the "Restoring a backup" video on the video page.

What if I have more than one computer?

Don't worry! A single license for ScanDBX will allow you to install and activate the product on two computers at home. This means that you can get your email back wherever you need to!

I have a Macintosh! Can I use ScanDBX?

Unfortunately, ScanDBX For Outlook Express is only available for Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP.

Questions about downloading ScanDBX

Help! I'm having trouble downloading ScanDBX!

Some web browsers (particularly older ones) may try to automatically run ScanDBX when you click on the download link on the download page. You may need to try the following:

  • Internet Explorer users: Right-click on the download link and select "Save target as...", then save the file to the desktop.
  • Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla users: Right-click on the download link and select "Save link as...", then save the file to the desktop.

In either case, once you've downloaded the file completely, you'll need to double-click on it to install ScanDBX. The ScanDBX install wizard will open and walk you through the installation process.

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Questions about the ScanDBX website

Do you use cookies?

The ScanDBX website may use cookies to offer you the best experience possible. For more information regarding our use of cookies, please refer to our privacy policy.

What is your privacy policy?

Out privacy policy can be found here.

How do I contact you?

You can email the webmaster at [email protected]. Or, for more detailed contact information, see our company information page.

Questions about Outlook Express

Where can I go to find out about Outlook Express?

We suggest you look at our Outlook Express Resources page.

Where can I go to find out about Service Pack 2?

Barb Bowman, Windows XP Community Columnist, and Tom Koch, Microsoft MVP, discuss the effects of Service Pack 2 on Outlook Express. Or, you can visit the Windows XP Service Pack 2 page for information directly from Microsoft.

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