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Getting Started with ScanDBX for Outlook Express

Welcome to ScanDBX! This page will help you get started on using ScanDBX's most powerful tools, as well as giving you direct access to a variety of helpful Outlook Express resources.

Using ScanDBX

Identify the exact problem Outlook Express is experiencing and fix it automatically!

Export every email that exists in your Outlook Express files and then drag-and-drop these emails back into Outlook Express!

If you have an email that is stuck in the outbox and keeps being sent over and over again, or you cannot delete messages from your folders, this procedure will correct the problem.

ScanDBX makes backups before it does anything. This means that you can always restore your system to the state before you run ScanDBX!

Having problems getting ScanDBX registered? Watch this quick video walkthrough on registration!

Purchasing ScanDBX

Outlook Express resources and links

ScanDBX in action

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The only Outlook Express product that is Microsoft Certified!

ScanDBX is the only product that can fix Outlook Express that is Microsoft Logo Certified for Windows ME, 98, NT, W2K, and XP.

ScanDBX is the only Outlook Express repair tool that carries the Designed for Microsoft Windows logo.

ScanDBX Corporation is the only Microsoft Certified Partner dedicated to supporting Outlook Express.

ScanDBX Corporation is the only company with a product that can fix Outlook Express that is also a Microsoft Certified Partner.  Being a Microsoft Partner is our commitment to produce and support the highest quality products for Outlook Express.

Still have questions?

There's a lot inside ScanDBX! Want to know what kinds of problems it fixes? Want to see what's changed in the most recent release? Looking for the status of your particular problem? Check out the Revision History and the Frequently Asked Questions for more!

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