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ScanDBX can detect and repair Outlook Express problems better than any other product on the market.

No tool can fix every possible problem with an Outlook Express installation. However, if you are having communication problems, address book problems, msimn.exe problems, msoe.dll or a large number of other problems when starting, sending or receiving emails, ScanDBX is the best solution on the market.

Problems with Outlook Express that cannot be solved by any software program

If you have lost your email due to the well known compaction bug in Outlook Express, your email is pretty much gone for good (see our free videos section to see how to determine if there is any data in your files to recover).

Reason: when compaction goes wrong, there is generally nothing of value left in the Outlook Express data files to recover.

If your hard disk is failing (disk CRC errors, clicking, grinding noises) no software product will correct the problem--immediate replacement of the defective drive is your best bet.

If your power supply or motherboard are failing (random freezes and reboots), a new machine and/or paying for the services of a talented technician would be your best use of money.

Product Comparison

Below, we've assembled a list of the most common problems encountered by Outlook Express users. Take a look at how ScanDBX compares to the other products on the market that claim to fix Outlook Express. Or, take a look at how ScanDBX's performance compares to some of its competitors.

"...since ScanDBX, I have not lost any emails or folders..."

"Before ScanDBX I experienced slow and unstable performance from Outlook Express... Since ScanDBX, the speed of Outlook Express has greatly increased and its instabilities have greatly decreased... Thanks for a wonderful and much-needed software product!" - Raphael G. Read More

Product Comparison
Adv. OE Repair
PC Bug Doctor
OE Recovery
Designed for Windows XP Certified





Provided by a Microsoft Certified Partner






Specifically designed to repair Outlook Express


Automatically detects Outlook Express data





Exports email from files


Repairs email files directly





Checks all damaged files with one action





Fixes mail files automatically





Fixes folder files automatically





Repairs email in-place





Recovers attachments in damaged emails



Automatically backs up Outlook Express





Scans Email account settings for connection problems





Identified configuration problems with Outlook Express






Repairs: OE Slow-down





Repairs: duplicate emails





Repairs: server connection problems





Repairs: OE crashes the computer on start





Repairs: Outlook Express will not start


Repairs: Outlook Express displays a strange message box when you start it


Repairs: Outlook Express starts, but the information on the startup page is incorrect





Repairs: Outlook Express loses emails or news messages


Repairs: Outlook Express won't download emails, or downloads the same email multiple times





Repairs: Outlook Express won't let you open emails, or won't let you send emails





Repairs: Outlook Express has strange or missing toolbars





Repairs: Outlook Express slows down when starting up, when sending email, or all the time





Repairs: Options are missing from Outlook Express menus





Repairs: Outlook Express wont save messages to the 'Deleted Items' or 'Sent Items' folder


Repairs: Outlook Express won't store your password






Performance Comparison

Trial runs of ScanDBX, Outlook Express Recovery, and Advanced Outlook Express Repair demonstrate the ScanDBX is not only the most powerful and easiest to use tool to repair Outlook Express files, it's also the quickest! ScanDBX takes only about twice as long to scan your files as to copy them from one directory to another. Compare this with Advanced Outlook Express Repair, which takes over nine times as long as a copy. And in the time that Outlook Express Recovery takes to repair your files, you could have run ScanDBX five times!

But speed isn't the only measurement of a program's performance - memory requirements are a huge factor as well. ScanDBX requires only about 10% as much memory (RAM) as Outlook Express itself, so if your computer is powerful enough to run Outlook Express, it's powerful enough to run ScanDBX. And that's always good news.

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