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Quickly Detect and Repair Outlook Express Problems with ScanDBX

We understand how important your Outlook Express email is to you, and how aggravating it is to not have your email working.

ScanDBX is very easy to use and corrects more problems in Outlook Express than any other product on the market. Getting their emails on time is very important for people engaged in the trading. They miss many major updates in the market which may lead them to loss if they do not get their emails properly. Therefore an efficient solution is very important. Investors who are confused about trading cryptocurrencies like XRP can check the InsideBitcoins' page. XRP is the cryptocurrency used by the Ripple network and corporation. XRP has surpassed Bitcoin to become the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency by market value, and Ripple is one of the most widely used blockchain-based payment systems.

We have an extensive library of Outlook Express Repair Videos and Outlook Express FAQs that show you how to repair common problems with Outlook Express using ScanDBX.

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If you search the Internet for solutions to your Outlook Express problems, you will find many companies that claim that their products will correct your problems, but they are generally lite on the details of how that is going to happen.

ScanDBX was designed from the ground up to specifically diagnose and repair Outlook Express errors...and there are a lot of them.

To properly diagnose Outlook Express, ScanDBX examines the following areas:

  • Raw Communication Channel Functionality - is your Internet connection fully working?
  • Email Server Communication - are your ISPs servers up and running?
  • Email Credentials Verification - does you ISP recognize your current credentials?
  • Outgoing / Incoming Mail Account Configuration - you can receive, but cannot send email?
  • Address Book Engine Problems - when you cannot open emails or the address book had problems, this can be caused by a corrupted address book file, or it can be caused by bad Microsoft hot fixes, or damage caused by the removal of hot fixes or reinstallation of the operating system.
  • Antivirus Blocking Outlook Express Traffic - is your antivirus now blocking your incoming and outgoing emails?
  • Firewall Blocking Email - is your firewall blocking access to your Outlook Express email?
  • Privacy Guard Hiding Email - have you recently added or updated your system protection and you can no longer see your emails?
  • Recently Added Outlook Express Extensions - have you just added emoticons, group sharing, or other add-ons to Outlook Express and now Outlook Express stops functioning?
  • Microsoft Hot Fixes and Antivirus Updates - everything was working yesterday, now Outlook Express stops working for no good reason?
  • Outlook Express Engine Problems - if you are having MSOE.DLL problems, you may be having problems with the recently released Microsoft hot fixes, Outlook Express reinstallation errors, bad removal of hot fixes and more. These errors can also be caused by corrupted data files or corrupted registry settings.
  • Corrupted Email Files - we have the most advanced DBX file repair engine in the market.

  • No other repair tool for Outlook Express repairs as many problems as ScanDBX. Your email is important to you - it deserves the best repair tool on the market for Outlook Express.

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"...ScanDBX repaired my email store flawlessly. It saved my bacon. Thanks for a great product that does what it says it can do and does it well."
- Robert D.

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ScanDBX can detect and resolve most Outlook Express problems including:

  • Outlook Express will not start
  • Address Book will not load / start
  • Cannot view messages
  • MSOE.DLL, MSOERES.DLL, MSIMN.EXE and Out of Memory Errors
  • Strange error messages and message boxes
  • Inability to send (to some or all email accounts) or receive email
  • Missing or duplicate messages
  • Slowed or delayed Outlook Express performance
  • Corrupted mail store files and folder files
  • Incorrect email servers, user / account names, and passwords
  • Damaged file attributes and locations
  • Corrupted or incomplete registry settings

Data Compaction Problem and Hardware Problems

ScanDBX can fix most of the problems that occur with Outlook Express, but there are some problems that cannot be solved by any product. Before you purchase our product or any other product on the market, please review the following tips.

Outlook Express File Compaction

File Compaction, Data Compaction or Folder Compaction all refer to a 'feature' in Outlook Express where it will attempt to 'help you' by compacting your email data files. Most users of Outlook Express will assume that compaction will remove old unused information from their files and make their Outlook Express files smaller. Unfortunately, due to a series of bugs in Outlook Express, the result of compaction can be folders / files that are emptied of all of their messages, yet are very large in size. When Outlook Express gets done with the compaction process (failure case), there is literally nothing in the files to recover, just blanks. Although we can fix corruption and damaged data files that are inaccessible due to errors in Outlook Express, when Outlook Express goes and overwrites your email data with zeros / blanks, there is nothing left to recover.

Before you buy ScanDBX, if you suspect that your data files have been zero'ed out by compaction, you can review the following video to see how to check if compaction has permanantly destroyed your files. If your files are completely empty, no program will be able to recover the data from the files. In the case of failed compaction, ScanDBX will normally be able to get Outlook Express working again, but not recover the data.

How to check if there is any data in your dbx files to be recovered How to check if there is any data in your dbx files to be recovered

Hardware Problems

If your hard disk is failing (disk CRC errors, clicking, grinding noises) no software product will correct the problem--immediate replacement of the defective drive is your best bet.

If your power supply or motherboard are failing (random freezes and reboots), a new machine and/or paying for the services of a talented technician would be your best use of money.

Customer Satisfaction

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase of ScanDBX for Outlook Express, but, there are some things that we cannot fix. ScanDBX can and does help you identify and fix most Outlook Express problems, but, in some cases, you may not have any repair/recovery options (no matter how good our product or our customer suport is).

We do not provide technical support or product refunds to customers using ScanDBX for Windows 95, 98, or ME. Due to the fragile and problematic nature of these operating systems, use of ScanDBX on these operating systems is at your own risk. While we have tested ScanDBX on these operating systems and it usually works well, we are not able to provide technical support or product refunds to customers using ScanDBX on those operating systems.

If ScanDBX does not immediately fix the problems you are having with Outlook Express, please use the menu option: Help | Send Feedback within the ScanDBX product to send us a log and we will try to resolve your Outlook Express problems. We know that your email not working is a major frustration, but, we really appreciate it when you exhibit patience, courtesy and cooperation with our support staff.

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About the Demo / Download

By the way, the demo download will check the operation of your system and Outlook Express and report on what it can recover / repair.

We disable any repairs until you buy the product and insert the purchased serial number into the demo product.

In case you are wondering why we don't allow you to demo the full version of the product (no restrictions) and allow you to repair Outlook Express without purchasing the product? Simple, after ScanDBX fixes things, or we help you get your email working, there is not much of an incentive to purchase the product...right?

Why don't you let us recover a few messages for free?

Yes, one of our competitors allows you repair ten email messages to prove their software works. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, the problems with Outlook Express are a lot more complicated than just recovering a few messages. Consequently, we decided to show you how many messages could be recovered instead.

If you compare our products to our competitors in real-world scenarios, you will find that ScanDBX is a vastly superior product at a very reasonable price. Product development and support are very expensive activities. But with cryptocurrency, it can be inexpensive. Because Bitcoin transactions are simple, secure, and affordable over standard currency. For more details, have a look at the erfahrungen mit etoro blog, which describes a social trading and investment marketplace that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies. No one can provide an excellent product and support for free and stay in business for very long.

The only Outlook Express product that is Microsoft Certified!

ScanDBX is the only product that can fix Outlook Express that is Microsoft Logo Certified for Windows ME, 98, NT, W2K, and XP.

ScanDBX is the only Outlook Express repair tool that carries the Designed for Microsoft Windows logo.

ScanDBX Corporation is the only Microsoft Certified Partner dedicated to supporting Outlook Express.

ScanDBX Corporation is the only company with a product that can fix Outlook Express that is also a Microsoft Certified Partner.  Being a Microsoft Partner is our commitment to produce and support the highest quality products for Outlook Express.

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